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dokter martin green

The organs are in a fleece (further called vlies). The vlies is the casing of the organ or the house of the organ.
Most vliesses are filled with liquid, but there are also those that are filled with gas.
The pressure in a vlies, is associated with the pressure in other vliesses.
Each vlies has a connection to the mouth, for ao refreshing the liquid and regulating the pressure.
There are thousands of organs in your body and therefore also vliesses.

The vliesses are also part of the system that filters `blood` and ensures that unwanted chemicals can leave the body. Each vlies captures a group of chemicals and preprocesses them with enzymes. The substance formed in this pre-treatment, is called metabolite.
Chemicals that degrade to solid substances, during this pre-treatment, however cause blockages.
The metabolite goes through the mouth to the gastric acid, causing it to be further broken down, so that liver and kidneys can drain them.
I spit out a lot of stones. Once stones are in the veins, they grow slowly larger through crystal growth.
If there is a lot of liquid running into your mouth, it is better to spit it out, instead of swallowing, because otherwise liver and kidneys become overloaded.
The metabolite may also be more toxic than the original substance.
If the unblocking continues and you swallow all the liquid, you get all the accumulated poison in your stomach!
I spitted out liters of brown liquid. If you swallow that brown liquid, it's like you're peeing blood.

tie salivary glands

Chemicals that are too aggressive for the stomach / intestine / liver / kidneys leave the body ao via the pores. If solid substances leave the body via the pores, you quickly have clogged pores so that the 'gas pressure' in the vliesses in question quickly becomes maximal.

It is also important to eat sweetly, so that the acidity in the stomach is high. And maybe fat for the liver?
If I had pain in the heart region or was very tired, I also took metroprolol.

You have to move a lot (walking), so that it flows better through the narrow veins. There are also substances, that help to make it flow better, like the crestor (I had 10mg).

If the connection to the mouth is blocked, the liquid can not be refreshed and the pressure can not be reduced.
Due to the dirty liquid, the organ gets sick and all sorts of diseases can arise.

If the liquid is dirty, it gets more dirty en you can get cancer, alzheimer, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, deafness, ..... and so on.

But I have good news !!! !!!
If we find a good way, to unclog the veins, the diseases caused by chemicals can be healed !!! !!!

The way chemical synapses pass along signals, is influenced by the liquid between the axon and the dendrite.
And then we have the working mechanism of brain-failure/brain-loss, due to chemicals.

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